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    GoSol platform has Launched

    By Eerik Wissenz, Friday 11 April 2014

    The whole team is proud to launch the GoSol platform!

    Between Finland, Switzerland, UK, and Canada it’s been a great collaborative effort needing 2000 cups of coffee, 50 meetings, 4000 emails, and tons of website code, lots of laughs and a crisis or 2 ... well at least it feels that way!

    We’ll be improving and debugging over the coming days and launching our product offers. Don’t hesitate to contact us in the meantime. GoSol!

    What is GoSol?

    By Eerik Wissenz, Thursday 10 April 2014

    Our newly launched GoSol platform creates a virtuous circle of cooperation between businesses and NGOs as well as solar enthusiasts. It is a hub where knowledge, DIY experience, components and services are exchanged. We have developed a business model we call the Open Patent Model.

    GoSol is run by a small, dedicated, and multi-national team of innovators and environmentalists who have created Solar Fire Concentration Limited, a social enterprise start-up based in Tampere, Finland.

    Solar Fire aims to break the cost and complexity barriers currently limiting spontaneous viral deployment of solar thermal technologies in humanitarian, commercial and industrial contexts. By developing truly cost-effective, scalable and efficient solar thermal technologies that are built with off-the-shelf materials it is possible to significantly reduce carbon-emissions, deforestation, water-born diseases, air-pollution and energy poverty. >Impact<

    GoSol is an evolution of the Solar Fire Project, which has a rich and interesting history >History Page<. Solar Fire has evolved in an unconventional way... the technology and the family of developers around the world has grown organically with the participation of over 100 people from 10 countries building 50+ concentrators. With GoSol we want to create the infrastructure for cross-pollination/collaboration that can be used by other solar projects as well.